Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really 100% done-for-me?

Yes. Just login and enroll the family and you're done. It takes about a minute.

Do I have to enroll every family?

No. You only enroll the families you want.

Can the survey be customized?

Yes, we will customize the survey to include the questions you would like have on it.

I have multiple locations, do I have to get more than one account?

No. You can have multiple locations on one account.

How do I pay for the families I enroll?

You purchase credits ($20 per credit) and every time you enroll a family it deducts one credit.

Do we have to send the survey?

No. If you already have a survey that you are using we will just omit the survey from your mailings.

How many signatures can be on the cards?

You can have as many as you want but we've found that it looks best with no more than 3-4. One option is to have "The staff at ABC funeral home"

Can I enroll more than one survivor to receive the cards and survey?

Yes, you can enroll as many as you want. Each family you enroll would be one credit.

When the family completes the survey, where does it get mailed to?

The surveys are all mailed directly back to your funeral home. If you would like the survey to be sent to a third party to encourage candid answers, they can be sent to us and then forwarded on to you.

If I sign up today can I enroll families I've served previously?

Yes, you can enroll families going back as far as you'd like. If a death has occurred more than a month ago we would eliminate the sympathy card and just send the other cards and survey.

Can I see all the families I've enrolled and their status?

Absolutely. When logged into your account you can see every family enrolled, when each card was sent or is scheduled to be sent. Additionally, every month you will receive an Aftercare Activity Report that tells you everything that happened on your account in the previous month.