At Aftercare.com we are dedicated to making it easy for funeral home owners to stay in touch with their families with a consistent aftercare program.

We believe that the success of a funeral home is determined by the relationships they form with families before, during, and after the loss of a loved one.

Every funeral home owner faces the same dilemma when it comes to aftercare: They want to do it but they don't have time. Because each day is unpredictable, most "in-house" aftercare programs are difficult to keep up with.

We solve that problem with our Aftercare Card Program. This is an automated outreach program that sends four cards plus a survey to the families during the first year following their loss.
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Where did Aftercare.com come from?

Directors Advantage, a technology and marketing partner to funeral homes, launched the Aftercare Card Program after witnessing how difficult it was for funeral homes to keep up with aftercare. To continue to grow the program and make advancements in automated outreach, Aftercare.com was formed as a subsidiary with a sole focus on making it easier for funeral homes to stay in touch with their families and build relationships.